Posted by: apriljobeasley | March 30, 2010

Yum…Fresh Baked Cookies

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked cookies, or any baked good for that matter? Cookies, pies, and freshly baked breads are all comforting too us. Creating a scent appeal for potential buyers just might sell your home. If a buyer walks into your home and it smells like dogs, kids, or *insert odor here* then they are most likely to remember the foul smell. They may not be able to identify the specific odor, but they will spend time trying to figure out what the odor is.  Foul odors serve as a distraction and keep them from really looking at your property. Just a few quick tips to help buyers feel right at home using scent appeal.

1. Poor a bit of vanilla into a dish and put it in a your heated oven for a few minutes before a showing.
2. Heat up some water and put fresh cinnamon in it. Once again put it in a hot oven just before the buyers come.
3. If you use candles, stick to basic scents like vanilla, cinammon, or lemon.
4. Fresh linen is a great scent for a bathroom.
5. Some simply like the smell of a clean house. So get scrubbing!

Just a note, don’t go scent crazy. Stick to one scent at a time.


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