Posted by: apriljobeasley | March 11, 2010

Thinking Of Selling?

I always recommend to anyone thinking of selling, to interview a few different Realtors. This is so important because all agents, are not the same. For example, I consider myself to be a “Marketing Specialist.” I work very dilligently to help your property gain maximum exposure to the public. I use many different avenues of advertising, although the main and most effective mean of advertising is the Internet. The days are long gone, when a Realtor could just put up a yard sign, take five pictures, and get a buyer. In today’s market, it is crucial to have at least 25 photos of the home, have a Visual Tour, be a showcase listing on (the #1 Real Estate website), have a YouTube Video, etc. Buyers want information and they don’t want to get on the phone to get it. They want to be able to access the information on the Internet in the comfort of their own home. Make sure that any agent you hire is prepared to market your home in such a way. I am prepared to do the above and even more! Give me a call if you are interested in selling. I would love to interview for your business.


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