Posted by: apriljobeasley | September 19, 2008

Spend the day at the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Museum!

Elephant Exhibit
Elephant Exhibit

Are you looking for something to do in Montgomery?  Spend a day at the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Museum!  When I first moved to Montgomery I was surprised to see such a great zoo for a city this size.  I always thought good zoos were reserved for only the large metropolitan areas.  Well that is not true at all.  The Montgomery zoo has over 40 acres of land and features barrier free exhibits.  Five different continents make up the zoo exhibits.  The newest addition to the zoo is the River Otter exhibit.  You can view the otters from above or get an underwater view of them swimming.  Plans to build a new alligator exhibit featuring alligators of all ages in currently under way.  After visiting all of the animals you can take a ride around the zoo on the train, play on the playground, or grab a snack at the Overlook Cafe.  Holidays are especially fun at the zoo with Zoo Boo and the Holiday Lights Festival.  Visit the zoo today.  You will be glad you did!


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