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Thinking Of Selling?

I always recommend to anyone thinking of selling, to interview a few different Realtors. This is so important because all agents, are not the same. For example, I consider myself to be a “Marketing Specialist.” I work very dilligently to help your property gain maximum exposure to the public. I use many different avenues of advertising, although the main and most effective mean of advertising is the Internet. The days are long gone, when a Realtor could just put up a yard sign, take five pictures, and get a buyer. In today’s market, it is crucial to have at least 25 photos of the home, have a Visual Tour, be a showcase listing on (the #1 Real Estate website), have a YouTube Video, etc. Buyers want information and they don’t want to get on the phone to get it. They want to be able to access the information on the Internet in the comfort of their own home. Make sure that any agent you hire is prepared to market your home in such a way. I am prepared to do the above and even more! Give me a call if you are interested in selling. I would love to interview for your business.

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Yum…Fresh Baked Cookies

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked cookies, or any baked good for that matter? Cookies, pies, and freshly baked breads are all comforting too us. Creating a scent appeal for potential buyers just might sell your home. If a buyer walks into your home and it smells like dogs, kids, or *insert odor here* then they are most likely to remember the foul smell. They may not be able to identify the specific odor, but they will spend time trying to figure out what the odor is.  Foul odors serve as a distraction and keep them from really looking at your property. Just a few quick tips to help buyers feel right at home using scent appeal.

1. Poor a bit of vanilla into a dish and put it in a your heated oven for a few minutes before a showing.
2. Heat up some water and put fresh cinnamon in it. Once again put it in a hot oven just before the buyers come.
3. If you use candles, stick to basic scents like vanilla, cinammon, or lemon.
4. Fresh linen is a great scent for a bathroom.
5. Some simply like the smell of a clean house. So get scrubbing!

Just a note, don’t go scent crazy. Stick to one scent at a time.

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New Listing

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Let’s Play Ball

If you are new to the Montgomery Area, then you have to check out the Montgomery Biscuits. This is one of my favorite things about our city. The Biscuits are a “AA” baseball team and are affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays. The games are played at the Riverwalk Stadium downtown. The food and atmosphere are great. There is a playground for the kids and picnic area for group events. Get your season tickets, you will not be disappointed! They are offering a new ticket package this year. Visit to order.

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Our Home Has Been Expanded By Two Feet… Introducing Jacob Allen!

Born on August 13, 2009 Jacob weighed 7lbs and 15 oz.  Now that he is here I cannot remember life without him.  He has brought so much joy to our family and we couldn’t be happier.

Photography By

Photos Taken By Melissa Bridges.  Visit for Professional Photography in the Tri County Area.

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Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended and Expanded!

This is awesome news for those interested in purchasing their first home or those moving up!  The government is offering you FREE money just for buying a home.  The credit is up to $8,000 for first time buyers and $6500 for move up buyers.  See the chart below for more information:

  • First-time homebuyers, or those who have not owned in the last three years, can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit
  • Homeowners who have lived in a current home consecutively for 5 of the past 8 years can receive up to a $6,500 tax credit
  • There will be no future extensions, so all qualified homebuyers are urged to act and have a written, binding contract by April 30, 2010 (close by June 30, 2010)
  • Income limits are now $125,000 for singles, $225,000 for married couples
    Amount of Credit $8,000 ($4,000 married filing separate) $6,500 ($3,250 married filing separate)
    Eligibility May not have had an interest in a principal residence for 3 years prior to purchase Must have used the home sold or being sold as a principal residence consecutively for 5 of the previous 8 years
    Termination of Credit Purchases after April 30, 2010 Purchases after April 30, 2010
    Binding Contract Rule  N/A So long as a written binding contract to purchase is in effect on April 30, 2010 the purchaser will have until June 30, 2010 to close
    Income Limits $125,000 – Single

    $225,000 – Married

    Additional $20,000 Phase Out

     $125,000 – Single

    $225,000 – Married

          Additional $20,000 Phase Out

    LImitation on Cost of Home Purchased  $800,00 $800,000
    Second Home Purchase N/A Ineligible
    Purchase Made by a Dependent Ineligible Ineligible
    Additional Requirements Purchaser must attach documentation of purchase to tax return Purchaser must attach documentation of purchase to tax return

    Information courtesy of and


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    Adopt a Puppy Today!

    Sammie Jo

    Sammie Jo

    Matthew and I adopted Sammie Jo about five years ago from the Autauga County Humane Society.  She has made our lives so much more joyful.  I think my favorite part of the day is when Sammie comes and wakes me up after she has heard my alarm clock go off.  Think about adopting a puppy today!  It was one of the best decisions we ever made!

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    Interest Rates

    As of March 30,2009 local mortgage lenders are predicting an increase in interest rates. Although the rate should not leap up percentage points at a time, expect small increases over the next few weeks. Go ahead and lock in your interest rate now if you are sitting on the fence. Increased home sales will only cause interest rates to continue to increase.

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